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The Language of Art (Feb 2020)
Contemporary Art Exhibition

Themed and Curated by Victoria Casillas

Featured artists; Kerry Barton, Victoria Casillas, Matt Davis, Lauren Gray, Jennie Lawson, Millie Massey, Libby Strutt, Ali Westcott

Presenting a multimedia selection of art work from; photography, collages, video art, installations, paper, etc.

Theme, design and ideas

The selected artist’s work research, investigate and plays with a representation of this subject matter and therefore are an integral part of these multilinguistic experiences. The selection of these art pieces and the decision of the curator, means that it may be a good starting point to introduce and understand the reason behind each piece of work.

The first piece of work acts as a binder, guide or even as didactic book. This video art intends to introduce the art work of each artist exhibited in the gallery in a selected order. Therefore the art work will be highlighted using spot lights during the presentation of this video.

Please bear in mind that during the presentation of the video art which it will have schedule times to be shown, the general lighting will be off. This is so that during this time it creates bonds between the public and video art. At all other times normal lighting will be on where the art work will have visibility.


The video Art questions on the meaning of the language of art, segmenting from shapes of verbal languages and introducing a variety of old spoken languages as: Tamil (Sri Lanka), Persian (Farsi), Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Vasco (Euskara), Hungarian, Russian, French, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc as verbal language.

Introducing other codes of languages such as; alphanumerical, numerical language like; Cobol, Pascal, binary, etc, sign language performance, sound codes and visual as performance and written. 

The decision to choose “Poetry” by Matt Davies is due to the double use of the concept matter, one in terms of meaning by using written language in a shape of poetry and secondly because it is used as a material intertwined as a collage. The collage is modern contemporary artistically presented and creates tension between the classical and urban appearance coexisting on the A1 paper.

the language of art 1.png
language of art 2.png
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