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Art Installations

Installation art is often described as a three dimensional work which is usually made as a site-specific installation and it is designed to modify the space. The word install traces back to the Latin word installare, from in-, meaning ‘into’, and stallum, meaning ‘place’ or ‘stall”. In other words, it signifies putting something inside of another thing (oxforddictionaries , 2019).


The Forgotosphere

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As an installation artist I find the concept, subject matter and the analysis of the process intriguing.


The movement from the traditional method of presenting art to a new perception in which the aesthetic of visual art is not just focused on the direct viewing, but is enhanced by stimulating different senses in order to produce a change of mood and tap into feelings which influence the ambience and dynamics of the exhibition and brings sensory perception to the foreground.

According to the Tate Gallery ‘the term installation art is used to describe large-scale, mixed-media constructions, often designed for a specific place or for a temporary period of time’.

Furthermore installation is defined as a ‘complete unified experience’, diverse and distinctive from other forms of contemporary art (Tate online, 2019). This emphasises that installation art is not a mere visual experience, but it is attached to a sensory one which can affect vision, hearing, touch, taste and intuition. 


MIA CULPA - 2019


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