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….is based on observation of behaviour patterns and moments of reflection. Presented through life’s mundane routines and passageways. It’s title “Pausas & Pautas” groups the concept and subject of this Video Art (Installation).


Both words derive from Latin pausa and pacta. The first one translates into English as a pause or to a temporary stop in action or speech. The second word “Pautas” translates as rules of conduct or course of behaviour.

Pausas      &         Pautas

is a term defined by psychologists as an act done by an animal in response to any stimulus provided by the outside world.


An assumption held by many social psychologists when attempting to explain the reasons behind the action of people’s behaviour is that we try to find certain reasons..

This Art installation contains video clips received from a group of the public in response to the following call.

“SOS. I’m in a bit of a pickle....I‘m almost at the end of my degree and I have to present my final piece.  Unfortunately, the project that I was intending to do is impossible due to the circumstances. I tried a couple of ideas but I'm not happy as they are missing the emotion and human factor so I have another idea which defines me more as an artist and the type of work I have executed in the past. but I need all your help BIG TIME..... here it goes..... I would like to compile a video art installation with glimpses of people’s life routine during this time of quarantine. Please, please, please, pretty please could you record 1 minute of your day. You don’t have to be in the video or you can include yourself and others too. (The audio doesn’t matter because I will take it out later) 1 minute video with your phones if possible landscape.  You can do more than one and it will be great if you spread the word and collect more videos from other friends and family across the world. This is my e-mail”

pautas y pausas version finalizada
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