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AD -Hoc


Art Fashion

Why not wearing art ...this is a taste form some new adventure.
Firework tshirt. Colourful t-shirt artist print tee in heavyweight cotton by LittleTreesTees on Etsy


El Seny
La sensatez Common Sense

The textile smocking techniques and costumes from the archive helped me to link my own practice of drawing with wire. I find that the embroidering conveys a symbolism of storytelling.

Transcripts of memories, anecdotes transports the viewer into different worlds; rich in culture, with different political views, religion or language. I like to express with my art the diversity of opinions from complex pluralist society.

The purpose of encasing the writing in resin is to blur the words to symbolise; thoughts, opinions, perception and how the meaning it might be twisted, unclear or manipulated.


Voices "The Book"

The Art- Installation "VOICES" was acclaimed during its exhibition in different venues in London.

While the installation was on display in the gallery, as well as the classic artist staments and business card, I add an additional element in the shape of a newspaper booklet in which you could read som of the stories example.
To my surprise people loved this additional element that they could take back home. Therefore, with many thanks for all the feedback I decided to write the book adding all those things. The process of the art piece, the inspiration, etc....

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