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The Forgotosphere

Before beginning this narrative, which I believe identifies as a fable, let me provide a brief preamble for contextual purposes. To convey my artistic view, it is imperative to recapitulate the importance and understanding of the structure of our planet, specifically the atmospheric layers.

The atmosphere is a gaseous envelope that surrounds the Earth, with a well-defined chemical composition near the surface. In addition to gases, the atmosphere contains solid and liquid particles in suspension. Most of the atmosphere consists of neutral atoms and molecules. Scientists have divided the atmosphere into five main layers: in ascending order, the troposphere, the stratosphere, the mesosphere, the thermosphere, and the exosphere.

 However, from my observation, it seems that a new layer is fast emerging, which I call "The Forgotosphere".



An experience of traveling through the dunes, holding your breath as the car aims to reach the peak, then a second of achievement before the thrilling fear sets in, hoping that the car is not going to flip.

After a few moments of fearful fun, we looked and found a place to camp and enjoy the magnificent views until dusk.

Truly unique the mystical feeling of the never-ending sandy desert. Embraces you with heaven's omnipotent peace and tranquillity. Indeed, it is so peaceful and captivating, it gives that mesmerising feeling of only being able to stop and stare.

The sense of being in the middle of nowhere and feeling so rooted to the planet, observing the dancing sand playing with the warm weather, sketching a new place with gentle finesse and refinement. It is Breathtaking!........and this is when my heart sank!


A short walk and immediately I was facing the unexpected. Rubbish, glass bottles, many of them broken into thousands of pieces, plastic, logs, you name it!

It was truly upsetting the paradox that makes you question yourself.

Are these people not aware that we are sharing the planet?

Do they know that like me many others do not appreciate their lack of respect?

Who are these selfish individuals who cannot take their rubbish home?

So, without hesitation, I felt compelled to capture, record, and frame these items hoping to raise awareness of the severity of the problems that we are inflicting in our homes.

The daunting reality is that there is simply too much waste and there is no room to make mistakes. Rubbish belongs to your household not to be left behind in the desert because of laziness or you forgot.


is the first piece of the collection of A1 photographs. The photo is of a plastic spoon left behind. I took a photo of only this one that was showing on the surface of the sand. The majority were worn down and split into small particles of plastic scattered in a radius of 2 meters.

Can you imagine the animals using a plastic spoon to eat?

Or even worse what about if they eat the plastic?

Bizarre! They don’t belong there, and they shouldn’t be forgotten.

Take your rubbish.


Retouched let's eat_edited.jpg
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